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About Us

Real Estate Measuring and Consulting Company “Alligator” LTD was founded in 2001 within the joint German-Georgian Project KFW - “land cadastre and registration” - in purpose of fulfilling cadastral-measuring works. The project was aimed to the land market development in Georgia. “Alligator” ltd participated in KFW Project up to its final completion - 2007.

Within the joint German-Georgian Project KFW using the latest GPS apparatus by that time, “Alligator” ltd implemented land plot cadastre of Georgia’s different regions-Vani, Akhaltsikhe, Tsalka, Tetritskaro, Kaspi and created the whole GIS database of mentioned regions.


From 2005 “Alligator” ltd widens its business área and suggests a wider range of services to the customer such as: Geodesic and Cadastral Works, making Topographic and  Thematic Maps, Building Measuring Works and Projection, Geo-Informational systems and creation of  Geo Data Bases.

From 2008 “Alligator” ltd became Authorized Consumer of Public Registry, which gives an opportunity to implement Real Estate measuring also Register of Rights. We will also give  qualified free consultations about the legal issues in regard to Real Estate Registration.


The knowledge we have stored and the experience we have gained, modern measuring equipments and the latest computer software gives us an opportunity, with the total protection of customer’s interest  implement the service you need with high accuracy, quickly and in quality.


Merab Aleksidze str. 3, Block B, Tbilisi, Georgia